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ANZAILALA Ring Size Adjuster for Loose Rings - 4 Sizes Clear Ring Sizer Resizer Fit Spiral Silicone Tightener Set(4 Pcs)

ANZAILALA Ring Size Adjuster for Loose Rings - 4 Sizes Clear Ring Sizer Resizer Fit Spiral Silicone Tightener Set(4 Pcs)

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Material: Our ring adjusters are eco-friendly and skin safe. The gold ring adjuster was barely visible under the gold ring! The ring sizer is so comfortable that you don't even feel it's there

Easy to clean: The ring adjuster is waterproof, it can also easily wipe away dirt, oil, so that dirt will not stay on our ring.

Versatile: This small device is very useful because it can solve many problems for you with a small cost, such as: rings ordered too loose, rings from years ago do not fit today. It can even combine multiple thin rings together. This ring size adjuster is specially designed to ensure that your ring is comfortable to wear.

Safe for your ring: Silicone ring adjuster makes your ring fit better on your finger without damaging the ring, some rings cannot be resized the traditional way because the process can damage the gemstone and also distort the original beauty of the ring, so the ultimate solution is a ring size adjuster. It will be flexible, safely adjust the size of your ring, and keep it as beautiful as it was when you bought it!

Invisible and soft: For gold rings, the ring adjuster is completely transparent, and it does its job well. No one will notice that the ring adjuster is there unless you point your finger at it. It is also made of memory material and is very soft to wear, it will not loosen or stretch on your ring, and it will always maintain its initial shape.

Product description:

4 sizes to meet different ring needs

Ideal for fingers with knuckle problems

A more stylish and simple treatment

Customize your ring the perfect right size

How to Use

1.Place the adjuster on the ring

2.Wrap the adjuster around the ring

3.Try to see if suitable and comfortable

4.Cut off the excess adjuster

Invisible & Comfortable

These coil ring resizers are made of Hi-Q soft TPU material. It’s transparent and so comfortable that you don't even realize they're there. Very affordable and easy way to fix a common annoying problem.

warm prompt:

1.Sweat will corrode transparent plastic products, so it is recommended to change new clean products frequently to keep them clean

2.You may not be used to wearing it for the first time, but this feeling will disappear after two or three days.

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